Brief description

The Cake Shop specializes in cake decoration and all other kinds of desserts. Also, it has dine-in shops, which serve a Western cuisine. The goal of The Cake Shop Restaurants is to provide a casual dining experience that exemplifies quality, value, service, and excellence in all aspects of the operation. This is our company theme at The Cake Shop Restaurants; this is the philosophy we live by. The importance of attention to detail cannot be overemphasized. It is a way of life

Our Mission

Our mission is to make people happy. Making delicious cakes, having relaxing chairs in a smoking free environment and keeping our prices reasonable are all different ways to achieve this goal.

Who are we

 The "Cake Shop" is a Jordanian Brand that started as a small family business. The owners are Dr. Iyad Sultan and Dr. Sereen Sharabati, supported by a staff of 100 employees. Although not small any more, the business tries to keep the family atmosphere where we care not only about our company, our products and our staff, but also we consider each "customer" a member in this family of "cake shoppers".


April 2010

 The idea of having the Cake Shop was born. A company by the name of “Namothajeyyeh – Ideal Company for Eastern and Western Desserts” was established. Cake Design: We excelled in cake decoration. We started making decorated cakes at home and some of our loyal customers purchased their first cakes directly from our house-door.
December 2010

the Cake Shop started as a small shop in the luxurious area of Abdoun in Amman, behind the American Embassy. The shop which was less than 50 square meters became rapidly a famous place. The quality of our cakes and desserts was outstanding. We used the best ingredients available.
June 2012

out second shop was launched. It goes by the name “the Cake Shop Café”. Location is in another luxurious area of Amman – Dabouq, close to the Royal Palace. The shop expanded its services to small restaurant/café menu. It became quickly known for its delicious pancakes and waffles. Customers referred to it as the best place for having breakfast in Amman. The shop had a unique design with pink and flowers everywhere. Also known as a Barbie house.
February 2014

 third shop, the Cake Shop Lounge, was inaugurated. This branch is a spacious restaurant with capacity for 140 customers. The menu was expanded to include “main courses”, including delicious steaks, grilled chicken and sea food items. The shop is in of the best neighborhoods in Amman called Rabieh.
October 2014

 Fourth shop, the Cake Shop –Irbid Irbid city, Jordan.

Why are we Unique?

Why are we Unique?

As the Cake Shop started as a home-bakery, we are keeping the ingredients the same as those used in your kitchen. This means you will not get commercial products thrown on your table. We are avoiding artificial preservatives and stabilizers, we do not use shortening or margarine in our kitchen and our ingredients do not contain trans-fat. When milk is required, we use only low-fat milk. When colors are needed, we only use products that are FDA approved and we do not import any products from markets that are not well monitored for safety. When you order your product, it is baked and prepared for you; Hence you will get a fresh product that has the flavor you desire.

Our excellence comes from our strong values, we believe that our corporate values and culture give our company a competitive advantage and help our employees learn, thrive and grow. The Cake Shop outlines four values, which represent guidance to our employee’s behavior, connect them together, and provide us with a framework for setting goals and making decisions. We look to these values as we endeavor to deliver on The Cake Shop core purpose – To nourish and delight everyone we serve.

 Integrity and Honesty:

 We strive to embrace transparency and to manage expectation and fulfill our commitments. We believe that this shall make a better world (people, environment, and creatures) living in peace, happiness, and prosperity.


 A team of trustworthy humans; disciplined, happy, engaged, and self-managed. A core of a team of passionate professionals: we love what we do, we feel good doing it better and better, excellently, and addicted to live it happily together.

Service Oriented

We are dedicated to provide a superior hospitality and care of our guests, to delight them.


 Quality is everything we think about. We are dedicated to provide the highest level of food and service quality to our guests

Our Partners

Quality is everything we think about. We are dedicated to provide the highest level of food and service quality to our guests